In all work premises, the owner has a legal obligation to ensure the safety of those working and visiting the premises. Let us help you meet this obligation.

A simple and cost effective way to keep pedestrians and vehicles apart and workers safe is to create clear pedestrian walkways and vehicle lanes using line marking. We work 24/7, so we can plan and schedule our works to minimise any downtime to your operations.

No matter what type of premises you own, we can offer you a free site survey, our expert advice and a free and without obligation quotation to carry out the necessary surfacing and minor civil engineering maintenance and lining works

Warehouses and Distribution Centre Premises

There are a variety of line painting/marking solutions that can be used within warehouses and distribution centres, depending upon size of premises, ventilation, traffic, temperatures, products stored etc.

Internal solutions include Chlorinated Rubber, Single Pack and Two Pack Epoxy Resins, MMA and Water Based Acrylic Paints. There are also Preformed markings to show Health & Safety Symbols and your messages and Solid Floor Coatings that extend the life of flooring.

Externally for car or lorry parking a variety of other products are also available.

Choosing the right products with our help will provide best value for money for your specific application. Every application is different, and off the shelf one product fits all is rarely the best solution. You can enjoy expert advice free of charge, so why take chances. Call us on 0800 0146 420 now.

Food Preparation and Storage Facilities

Line painting within any facility involved in the preparation of storage of food or foodstuffs requires specialist products that will not taint the products.
Most traditional line paining products contain differing levels of volatile solvents that could leach into food products. Some could also potentially be harmful if used in enclosed spaces.
Careful selection of marking systems to match the

Water-based Acrylic Paint

These products have no organic solvents (VOCs) and are much slower drying. They are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas such as food processing factories and warehouses. Water-Based Acrylic Paint can be applied in single or double coats by suitable equipment or by roller/brush.

Water-based paints require modified equipment containing stainless steel connections and fittings throughout which adds cost to application. More expensive than chlorinated rubber, and its slow drying characteristics in high humidity regions/conditions will limit suitability.

Resin Floor Coatings

We offer a variety of Polyurethane and Epoxy Resin based flooring systems that create a solid floor that is resistant to most cleaning chemicals, is hard wearing and can withstand constant cleaning. Some are heat or cold resistant, slip resistant, antistatic, able to withstand fork truck traffic and withstand acids. Most importantly, our products will not taint food so are safe for food processing of every kind. Resin Flooring that we supply will comply with British Standard BS 8204-6.

Preform markings

This product is very similar in characteristics to Thermoplastic. Pre-cut logos and designs are factory made and can be quite intricate. Use and wear characteristics are the same as Thermoplastic above.

Ideal for high status locations, complex logo designs and multiple colours can be used to enhance your important road, drive, car park or external hard landscaping. Expensive by comparison with Thermoplastic, mainly because these products are bespoke products that are then hand assembled on site and applied by hand and gas torch.

How do I choose which product to use?

Every product we offer has individual advantages and disadvantages depending upon location, type of surface and traffic flows. What makes a product ideal for one surface can be the very reason it doesn’t work on another surface type, which is why we invite all customers to take advantage of our experience and free advice.

To obtain the maximum working life from any type of line marking, there is one common requirement – a clean dry surface to apply them to.

Not all products will adhere to themselves or others products if over-coated without suitable preparation. In some circumstances it may be necessary to remove existing coatings, paint, dirt, water etc to ensure adhesion. We can offer this as part of our service.

Other related services we can offer


We also offer Hydroblasting as the ultimate and most environmentally friendly way of cleaning and degreasing surfaces prior to application of new flooring and markings.

Our Ultra High pressure units use clean water to literally blast everything from a surface, leaving it clean and ready to treat once it has dried.

Take a look at our page solely dedicated to hydroblasting services we offer for more information.

Surfacing & Minor Civils

We offer a wide range of services including full surfacing, patching, repairs and minor civil engineering works which can be viewed in the Surfacing & Minor Civils section.

Tanker Services

Services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Liquid Waste Tankering (up to 3000 gallon/13,000 litre vehicles)
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Gully & Catchpit Cleaning
  • Tank & Silo Cleaning
  • Ponds & Lagoon Emptying
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • Interceptor & Forecourt Cleaning
  • Flooding & Pollution response

Remember – Our advice is totally free.

Please talk to us about your requirements and ask for our advice as specialists. It won’t cost you a penny and we promise to help you to choose the most suitable products for each application to provide the most cost effective solution for your project.

Call us free on 0800 0146 420

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