THB Roadmarking is one of the country’s leading road marking contractors, delivering many hundreds of highway schemes each year for TfL’s Framework Contractors, London Boroughs, County and Unitary Authorities and many of the country’s Top 100 contractors predominantly across the southern half of the UK. We also service many airports and airfields with specialist markings and cleaning services.

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Initially a London company, our major market remains London and the surrounding South Eastern counties of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Essex where we have our greatest concentration of resources. We are gradually increasing the number of locations we operate from in the Home Counties. All of our vehicles comply fully with the latest ultra-high standards of cycle and pedestrian safety and environmental management required to operate in the nation’s capital.

  • Depending upon the application, we can offer:
  • Thermoplastic
  • Chlorinated rubber
  • One and two pack epoxy resin
  • MMA
  • A wide range of preformed and bespoke markings

Our service is always tailored to individual customer’s needs, and we are happy to make site visits and offer advice on the best solutions if needed.

Our teams can undertake the most high profile and specialised road marking tasks, examples of which have including works within the Olympic Park and Charlton Athletic Football Club.

Meeting customer expectations

Our customers quite rightly expect well trained staff, top quality equipment and exceptional service, which is fortunate for us because that is exactly what we deliver.

We put our customers’ requirements second only to safety, which we never compromise, and respond promptly to their needs.

For example we were the first company to offer Marking Vehicles carrying three burners in London, where as well as the traditional white and yellow lining there is a need to mark red routes on the TLRN. A three burner vehicle is more environmentally friendly than sending two vehicles, and can respond better to a surprise requirement.

As a result of customer demand, we also operate the most advanced Hydroblasting Vehicles which have proved remarkably successful due to their efficient and eco-friendly water based line removal. See details by clicking here.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is our prime consideration. We care about the safety of our people, our stakeholders and the public and choose and train our people accordingly. Our customers also have these responsibilities and that is why it’s more important than ever for them to focus on using our experienced professionals to deliver quality and safety combined.

Thames hold the coveted national standard of NHSS Sector 7 accreditation for road marking on all highways including motorways where the highest standards of safety are a pre-requisite. Our staff are trained to the industry’s highest standards including traffic management capabilities and first aid.

Widest available range of lining applications

The expertise we have developed over decades in Road Marking has involved us working on motorways and dual carriageways, all kinds of public and private roads, all manner of car parks, warehouses, factories, airport runways, military airfields, supermarkets, builders’ merchant depots, and playgrounds. Wherever lining services are required, you can rely on Thames.

We offer the complete service of line painting, bespoke and preformed logos and signs, removal, maintenance, asphalt patching or complete resurfacing and lining solutions.

For a free quotation please call 0800 0146 420

Guidance & Advice

A basic guide to the products that may be appropriate is provided below, but as every application is unique and one product may offer far better value for money over another in your specific case, why not take advantage of a free personal site visit and advice service.

HighwayAirportCar ParkIndustrialPlaygroundFactoryPetrochemical
Thermo Plastics

Chlorinated Rubber

One Pack Epoxy Resin


Preformed markings

Two Pack Exoxy Resin

Solid Floor Coatings

Non-Slip Walkways

Bespoke Markings

Hydroblast cleaning