As far as road markings are concerned, the importance and need for clear markings will only rise. Therefore, it’s all the more important to trust those who are performing such a role and ensure that they’re doing the job correctly.

Thames Hydroblasting offers road marking services that are available in Kent and provide a standard of excellence that can guarantee both safety and satisfaction. We ensure that all vehicles leave our depot in Kent promptly, along with employees that meet and understand accredited standards within the industry.

Our clients can also have peace of mind knowing that we regularly work on the roads of Kent and have a thorough knowledge of the network and possible restrictions. Many road marking services don’t have a correct understanding when it comes to a particular area, you can be assured that isn’t the case with Thames Hydroblasting.

The expertise we have to offer spans road marking, car park marking, and warehouse floor marking. Alongside this we ensure that all our materials are sourced from accredited and reliable suppliers to guarantee an optimum standard of quality.

Our Kent depots comply with all regulations within the county boundary.

Kent Regional Office

Thames House
Medway City Estate

Freephone 0800 0146 420