Project Details

Client: Travis Perkins Plc.
Location: Paddington Depot

The Background

TP Paddington depot is one of the most highly trafficked depots across the entire property portfolio, and past lining works had completely worn out well ahead of expected life.

The Trials

To fully understand the issues they faced, we have worked with Travis Perkins for over a year carrying out examinations of sites and conducting field trials of carefully selected products and application methods.

By carrying out these trials and carefully monitoring performance and comparing data for each product over a period of time, we have developed bespoke solutions that suit Travis Perkins specific needs across their range of premises.

We are very proud to say that all our hard work and determination has paid off, and we are now the official contractor for all Travis Perkins depots in London, Home Counties, South East and South.

The Solution

We have developed a select range of products and bespoke application methods that provide linings that:

  • Clean easily by hosing off
  • Resist wear better than Thermoplastics
  • Do not build up into trip hazards, helping our customer to keep their staff and visitor safe
  • Save our customer money by reducing the need to constantly re-mark

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