Project Details

Client:  Eurovia
Location:  Olympic Park


Our client approached us with the task of laying temporary markings for an event called ‘Race for Champions’. This was a high profile event at the Olympic stadium where various motorsport disciplines competed for the title of “Worlds Greatest Driver”. The markings would be laid on a purpose built track within the stadium.

The main priority was that the markings would be resilient enough to withstand rainfall but could be taken off with a power washer once the event had finished.


In order to provide a solution that was rain resistant and washable we sourced a temporary graffiti paint that laid well and looked aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately heavy rain caused the paint to look streaky so we combined it with a sealant, which made it resistant to rain but removable by power washing.

The job was a success as the solution withstood all elements throughout the event and the clients were pleased with the outcome.   

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