Client: BBC Top Gear
Location: Around London’s Key Landmarks


The new Top Gear team planned a stunt for Matt LeBlanc to carry out a race around London’s streets in a mad Ford Mustang car called the “Hoonigan”, pulling donuts in and around the top spots in London including outside the Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Whitehall and through Canary Wharf.

The stunt went badly wrong when the team was judged to have pulled donuts far too close to the Cenotaph in Whitehall, and there was a huge fuss in the media. Outside the main complaint of lack of respect, which we won’t comment on, the other major complaint was that doing this left swathes of rubber on the roads that looked unsightly.

However the stunt was still shown on the Top Gear episode, missing the Whitehall section that the BBC says was never to be included, and proved a huge success with petrol head viewers.


THB was contracted in advance to follow the Mustang around using its hydroblaster technology to remove the rubber and clean the roads in the same way it does on airport runways. This was booked weeks ahead as part of the BBC’s advanced planning and to ensure availability.

With a Police motorcycle escort THB cleared up efficiently and as agreed.

Unfortunately some of the media were so fast with their cameras they were able to suggest that the BBC had not thought of this, but we are very happy to set that particular record straight.