THB offers creative marking solutions as well as basic lining for:

  • School Playgrounds
  • MUGA Multi Use Courts
  • Sports Facilities

We can work with you on any design that you can imagine. Your imagination is the only limit to what can be delivered.


Our creative and decorative Playground markings provide solutions can incorporate special designs such as logos, games and much more, making your play areas exciting and a thing of beauty.

The products we use deliver many advantages over traditional painted or hot applied systems, and are colourful with high UV resistance. We can paint in 18 vibrant colours, which means it’s easier to design and deliver decorative and inspiring signs and symbols, and the colours stay bright and clear for a long time.

Due to the flexibility nature and durability of the products, much smaller details and intricate curved shapes are also possible that traditional paints could never deliver. Although our system is a thin material it provides an incredibly durable solution that will outlast traditional paint solutions.
Our system is:

  • Non Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Contains no lead or chromates
  • Colour Guaranteed
  • Lasts 10 times longer than traditional paint

MUGA Courts (Multi Use Games Areas)

A sports facility that provides for a range of sports can be a great asset. This type of facility is usually called a MUGA or Multi Use Games Area. A MUGA can ensure higher utilisation, particularly if it is floodlit.

It is important to identify the priority sport, which will be the primary factor when selecting the sports surface for the Multi Use Games Area. It is better to cater for a few compatible sports well, rather than attempt to cater for too wide a range of sports, with severe compromises for many of them.

Asphalt surfaced MUGAs allow for a wide range of sports to be played and are particularly hard wearing. They also lend themselves well to decorative markings in multiple colours to designate court use. For example a court may have a tennis court marked in white, a basketball court in yellow, a netball court in red and a five-a-side football court in blue, enabling a single area to be utilised to host a range of different sports.

THB have provided markings for a wide variety of MUGA courts across London and the South East, mainly in schools and colleges, but increasingly in public sports facilities.

Sports Facilities

Whether you have a single tennis court in your garden or run a major facility, THB can provide line-marking solutions to suit your individual needs.

We have marked many hundreds of tennis hard courts in private homes, and can additionally offer personalisation by including bespoke family crests or logos to increase the prestige of a court. We are happy to provide free advice, design assistance and without obligation quotations.

THB also mark many major court complexes and club facilities, providing on-going maintenance services and re-lining as necessary.

If your asphalt courts have “fatted-up” and lost their skid resistance, we can hydroblast the surface using our specialist equipment to re-texture asphalt and regain skid resistance for a great deal less money than a full resurface.

Get in touch with us for decorative Playground marking on a more permanent basis.

Call us on 0800 0146 420 for advice and a competitive quotation

We can also offer the following services if required:

  • Construction of asphalt based sports courts
  • Re-surfacing of asphalt based sports courts
  • Maintenance of asphalt based sports courts
  • Removal of our markings prior to re-marking using environmentally friendly hydroblasting
  • Design of markings for all kinds of sports courts