Hydroblasting is the most environmentally friendly method of Line Removal, Re-texturing Asphalt and Cleaning surfaces. Our Hydroblaster units use clean water without additives at ultra high pressure to deep clean surfaces, and we offer our services nationally 24/7 to ensure that we can meet your individual requirements.

Our Hydroblasters operate at Ultra High Pressure of up to 40,000 PSI (2700 Bar), and the various different heads that we carry makes them the perfect tool for a variety of applications:

  • Road/Car Park Marking Removal
  • Asphalt Re-Texturing
  • Airport/Airfield Tyre Rubber, Oil and Fuel Removal
  • Vehicle sales/Forecourt Cleaning including Oil/Diesel Spill Cleanup
  • Chewing Gum & Graffiti Removal
  • Stone Paving/Concrete/Hard Landscaping Cleaning

Unlike other cleaning methods, our Hydroblasters collect all of the dirt extracted filtered down to 5 microns into an onboard tank for disposal, reusing the filtered water thereby ensuring there is no illegal run off into surface drains. All waste is disposed of in compliance with Environment Agency regulations and our Waste Carriers License.

Road/Car Park Marking Removal

The most effective method of line removal, with no detrimental effect to the structure of any road or car park surface:

  • Hydroblasting causes minimal disruption to traffic
  • Independent of weather conditions, we can work in heavy rain
  • Operates with a high-level of cost efficiency
  • Perfect for renewing town centre surfaces
  • Helps maintain pedestrian safety
  • No smells, noxious fumes or smoke annoying pedestrians, householders and road users
  • No environmental waste issues on site

Asphalt Re-Texturing

Hydroblasting can be used to re-texture asphalt surfaces, restoring skid resistance and texture depth to desired levels for existing stone mastic asphalt/thin surfacing, hot rolled asphalt wearing courses and fatted up surface dressing.

The process is often used when “fatting up” of new stone mastic asphalt (SMA) surface course has occurred, resulting in low early life skid resistance. Removing the “mastic” coating of the aggregate means that the aggregate surface is revealed ensuring that the polished stone value (PSV) is maximized increasing vehicle grip.

The retexturing will also increase the macro-texture, and hence enhance surface drainage capability of the road surface.

Road retexturing can improve the safety of your road surfacing, particularly on heavily used roads, and can cost effectively extend road surface life.

Airport/Airfield Tyre Rubber, Oil and Fuel Removal

Runways and taxiways constantly suffer build-up of tyre rubber, oil and fuel deposits, which is detrimental to aircraft movements.

Aircraft stands and aircraft maintenance facilities are particularly at risk of fuel and oil spills, which in turn are detrimental to asphalt surfaces.

Regular cleaning using a Hydroblast unit ensures that your facility can run at its optimum capacity and efficiency.

Vehicle Sales/Forecourt Cleaning including Oil/Diesel Spill Cleanup

Where vehicles are parked and maintained and on fuel station forecourts, the chance of fuel and oil spills is high.

To keep your premises attractive to the public, regular cleaning is essential.
Our Hydroblasters clean without using chemicals, and there is no run off to block your interceptors or gullies.

An oil or fuel spill on asphalt surfaces needs to be cleaned up urgently, as it will attack the bitumen content. Ignoring it will quickly result in the need to resurface, so response time is of the essence.

Our service is available 24 hours a day every day of the year, to ensure that we can respond immediately to your call.

Chewing Gum & Graffiti Removal

Chewing gum is a major problem for public realm managers, so much so that some places like Singapore have banned the sale or import.

Discarded casually it stick to asphalt, concrete and paving and is almost impossible to remove without specialist equipment such as a Hydroblaster.

Hydroblasting is a cost effective solution if you have larger areas to clean, and we can also treat the cleaned surface to reduce adhesion in future.

Stone Paving/Concrete/Hard Landscaping Cleaning

Paved public surfaces all incur a steady build up of airborne dirt and pollution, bird droppings, spilled food and drink, litter and chewing gum as well as a variety of other substances.
Hydroblasting can remove all of this safely, with minimal disruption and is safe to use on most paving materials. It will return paved surfaces close to their original condition and extend the life of most hard landscaping.

Don’t forget we also offer Road Sweeper and Line Marking services too. Click the green links to see.