Your car park is the first thing a customers sees when they come to visit you, so a well maintained clearly marked car park speaks volumes about your company. After all if you pay attention to detail in your car park, what do they naturally assume of your general attitude to business. The subliminal message is “here is a company that cares about the way they do everything”.

In addition, clean and clear, well planned markings promote customer and employee safety.

We offer the following for any size of car park:

  • Line Marking
  • Preformed Markings and Signs in a wide range of colours
  • Company Logos (custom cut)
  • Hydroblast cleaning, gum removal and retexturing
  • Construction, Surfacing, Resurfacing
  • Street and specialist furniture
  • General Maintenance and Patch Repairs
  • Winter Maintenance, Snow Clearance, Salt Spreading

Make your car park special:

Do you have clearly marked CUSTOMERS ONLY or VISITOR ONLY spaces as close as possible to the front door? Make them feel welcome, don’t leave them searching for somewhere to park. You want their business, so show them how much you value them.

Do you ban your staff from using customer or visitor spaces to ensure there is always a space for a visiting customer?

If you have one special customer, have you thought about allocating them their own parking space and putting their preformed logo on it?

Have you thought about allocacting individual spaces to your staff? Some customers do this and have numbered or initialled spaces. Some even allow staff to design their own  bespoke coloured space. Tina will always remember she has her own Pink space with White Spots if she designed it.

Our car park services

Thames is vastly experienced at ensuring our clients’ car park facilities operate to the highest standard. Whether you require minor lining adjustments to a parking bay, a full redesign of the parking system within your premises, maintenance or resurfacing, additional street furniture or winter maintenance (snow clearance and salt spreading), we can help you.

We carry out Lining, Marking and Maintenance of any Car Park, including Local Authority, Train Station, Shopping Centres, Factories, Offices, Commercial Premises, Retail Parks and Multi Storey Car Parks. No parking area is too large or small for us to service.

Thames offers a 24 hour emergency call out service, to cover any aspect that may cause concern or need urgent repair, allowing your car park to run as efficiently and safely as possible.

All of our staff are fully trained to provide immediate response to call outs of any nature, and will provide you with fast and highly effective results.

Car Park cleaning

Using our Thames Hydroblasting high-pressured jet washing system, Thames can also offer our services to remove old markings and clean/maintain your car park and walkways to the highest of standards. Use of our Hydroblast system can effectively remove gum, skid marks, stains or any type of debris that is attached to the surface.

Our ultra high pressure hydroblast system will restore the area to pristine condition; one that resembles that of brand new surfacing and all without causing any damage to the existing surface.

Construction, Surfacing & Maintenance

Whatever your requirement, from a new car park to re-surfacing or patching, talk to us about how we can deliver the best solution for you.

Keeping your company working during works

By employing  Thames, you will enjoy the benefits of a first class car park construction and maintenance service that ensures your facility operates with maximum efficiency whilst adhering to the highest standards of legislation, safety and cleanliness.

We work 24/7, so by carefully scheduling the work to suit your specific business model we can ensure there is minimal disruption to your customers and staff, allowing your car park to operate to the highest level of efficiency.

Thames Linemarking offer the widest range of quality markings, ensuring a suitable solution to every budget and every size of project. 

Car Park Maintenance Solutions can be engineered to suit any requirement, for example our regular customers include:


FM Contractors; Term Maintenance Contractors; Surfacing Contractors; Building and Civil Contractors; Housebuilders

Local Authorities:

County Councils; Unitary Authorities; Borough, District, Town and


Train Stations; Airports; Docks & Harbours; Bus Stations.


Supermarkets; Shopping Malls & Centres; Industrial Estates; Individual Shops; Car Showrooms;

Food trade:

Restaurants; Cafes; Coffee Shops; Fast Food Outlets


Schools; Colleges; Universities.


Leisure Centres; Sports Clubs; Gymnasium; Football, Rugby & Cricket Grounds.

Business Premises:

Offices; Trade Suppliers; Builders Merchant Yards.


Fuel Stations; Petrochemicals; Factories;

Occasional users:

Parish Councils; Small Shop Owners; Ecclesiastical.

Thermoplastic on asphalt

Thermoplastic on asphalt

Hot applied and best suited to asphalt surfaces, it can be used on concrete but should have a tack coat base applied first to offer greater adhesion.

Preformed Thermoplastic on asphalt

Preformed Thermoplastic on asphalt

This product is very similar in its characteristics to thermo-plastic. It comes in a solid version which is pieced together similar to a jig saw and then heated in the surface.

Bespoke Markings

Bespoke Markings

It may be that your needs are not the conventional type markings that you see day to day on the roads and in marked areas. Thames Hydroblasting can Line Mark the area required to match your own unique specifications.

3 common materials used in Car Parks



Hot applied and best suited to asphalt surfaces, it can be used on concrete but should have a tack coat base applied first to offer greater adhesion. The wear rate is good but can be prone to chipping in colder weather and the depth of the line can become too thick due to too much remarking.

One Pack Epoxy

One Pack Epoxy

It is compatible with almost all surfaces and produces a longer lasting, consistent and even wearing line. Used by many road surfacing contractors due to its rapid drying time and ease of application, it can be brush, roller or spray applied for an even higher output.



MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) cold plastic lining system has been specially designed to meet the demands of heavily trafficked areas, such as highway applications, HGV traffic areas such as distribution centres, container terminals and docks; hazardous areas, but laid cold, such as fuel station forecourts, oil refineries & other similar applications.