Preformed & Bespoke Markings

THB offers a wide range of preformed markings that can be applied to many surfaces, asphalt being the most common. The product can also be applied to concrete, granite and metal etc. by using a matched primer when preparing the surface.
The life of this material, when correctly applied, is 10 times longer than traditional paint. It therefore offers a very cost effective alternative to marking using templates, and provides a more professional result.

THB can Line Mark any hard-standing area required to your own unique specifications.

Examples of existing customer include:

  • Business Premises
  • Private Residences
  • Farms
  • Hotels
  • Sports Grounds
  • Events and Functions
  • Industrial Estates

Preformed Markings

The Preformed Markings we supply are available in a wide range of subjects such as logos for Disabled Parking bays, Cycle routes, Electric Car symbols, Pedestrian symbols, Parent and child parking symbols and an extensive range of speed roundels and road signs that can be replicated on the highway or footway. The range is being added to all the time, so please ask if you need any specific subject.

Some examples are:

Bespoke Markings

Our creative and decorative Bespoke Markings provide solutions that can incorporate special designs such as logos, special roundels, playground games and much more, making your areas exciting and a thing of beauty. We can work with you on any design that you can imagine. Your imagination is the only limit to what can be delivered.

The products we use deliver many advantages over traditional painted or hot applied systems, and are colourful with high UV resistance. We can paint in 18 vibrant colours, which means it’s easier to design and deliver decorative and inspiring signs and symbols, and the colours stay bright and clear for a long time.

Some examples are:

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We can also offer the following services if required: