Civil Airports & Military Airfields are high risk, high security environments and have one important thing in common. The high level of regular maintenance necessary to keep them operational and safe.

Runways and taxiways develop a build-up of rubber, fuels and oil from take-offs, landings and wheel scrub during taxing manoeuvres. Aprons, stands, hangers and other maintenance areas from fuels and oil during maintenance and refuelling operations.

A very small number of companies in the UK have the experience and capabilities to provide the cleaning and lining services required with appropriate security clearances to operate airside. We understand how airports and airfields work, and the levels of planning required for operations. We work on a right first time, every time basis.

We understand the three main industry drivers – Safety, Economic Maintenance and Minimum Disruption to Aircraft Operations. Our people are fully conversant with appropriate CAA and MAA standards, guidelines and regulations.

THB are one of the UK’s leading airside lining contractors and have provided these services for over a decade to civil airports including Britain’s two largest at London Heathrow and London Gatwick, as well as completing works at a number of Ministry of Defence/Royal Airforce Airfields and numerous smaller civil facilities. We work with Framework Contractors, FM Companies and direct.

  • Airport Line Marking
  • Airport Line Marking
  • Airport Line Marking
  • Airport Line Marking
  • Airport Line Marking
  • Airport Line Marking
  • Airport Line Marking
  • Airport Line Marking

Specialist Materials

Due to enormously high wear factors bearing on line marking products, as well as offering industry standards THB has developed bespoke line marking systems in conjunction with our leading material supplier that offer:

  • Superior longevity
  • Anti-glare characteristics
  • High visibility even in wet conditions at night.
  • Fuel resistance

See our RAF Airfield case study here. 

Range of Services

Services that we have traditionally provided nationally round-the-clock include:

  • Rubber removal utilising Hydroblasting units to restore skid resistance
  • Runway & Taxiway markings
  • Apron markings
  • Piano Key Markings
  • Helipad Markings
  • Marking removal
  • Minor civils
  • Taxiway and Apron surfacing

In addition to these we can offer a complete service applying, removing or altering markings in traffic movement areas, pedestrian walkways, approaches to terminal buildings, within hangers and in car parks. We also offer a comprehensive range of surface graphics, custom cut logos and graphics and safety messages.