THB, to showcase the ‘Safe Steps for Schools’ Programme at SH Summit

As part of the exhibition village at this year’s SH Summit, THB Limited is showcasing an innovative twist on an existing product designed to make the walk to school more interesting and safer for children.

Following its introduction in partnership with Croydon Council, who opened the first crossing at Crescent Primary School in February 2017, both the authority and school have observed a marked improvement in the behaviours of both parents and pupils.

With over 15,000 road accidents involving pedestrians under the age of 16 recorded in 2016, it is imperative that schools are continually adapting and improving road safety outside of the gate, as parents take every inch of space, whether road or pavement to park their vehicles making visibility nearly impossible and whilst government campaigns to build awareness and help improve the behaviour of children when crossing the road are commonplace, their impact can seem varied.

Utilising existing technology, albeit whose design is slightly out of the ordinary, THB’s Safe Steps for Schools crossings use environmentally friendly, skid-resistant and cost-effective preformed markings to produce a striking, brightly coloured road crossing. This, combined with footprints guiding the children to and from the school, incentivises school children to use the appropriate road crossing in a fun and visual way.

Speaking following the installation Councillor Stuart King, cabinet member for Transport and Environment said,

“‘The Safe Steps for School footprints design will be a fantastic tool to promote and educate children on crossing the road safely. I’m delighted Croydon is the first place to trial this new programme and hope the eye-catching design encourages both parents and children to cross at a safe place, reducing the risk of road accidents;’ sentiments echoed by Headteacher of Crescent School, Croydon, Ms Fairhurst who continued,

‘The children are absolutely wowed by it, they’re loving it (the crossing) and they’re staying within the crossing boundaries because they want to walk on it and follow the paw prints’.

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